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Body-Gard® Environmental Protection Program


The salt used on our winter roads produces the most severe conditions for rust to form and damage your vehicle. Sym-Tech Body-Gard® Environmental Protection Program Products extend the life of your vehicle and is backed by a lifetime guarantee. 


Treatments from Volvo of Waterloo provide complete protection for the vehicle inside and out, helping you preserve the new look and feel of your investment.



We've predicted that our Ontario customers may need more than the average protection to deal with Canadian winters and want to provide you with the most comprehensive system possible to keep your 2016 Volvo protected or your pre-owned Waterloo car the best it can be.  Take advantage of the best body protection, as well as protection from corrosion under your Volvo:



Body Panel Protection

  • Creates a barrier to prevent moisture from attacking the most vulnerable areas.

  • Coats the inner areas of your vehicle.

  • No holes are drilled for application.

  • Penetrates seams and crevices where rust begins.

Underbody Protection

  • Seals out moisture and protects the bottom of your vehicle from damaging road salts, stones, gravel and dirt.

  • Helps provide a sound barrier for a quieter ride by dampening vibrations.

  • Will never crack, peel or chip.


Car Corrosion and Rust Protection in Ontario | Volvo of Waterloo




Body-Gard® Electronic Corrosion Control


Rust is a natural process that takes place whenever metal is exposed to oxygen and moisture. Left unchecked, unprotected metal starts losing some of its electrons and becomes unstable. When unstable metal combines with oxygen & moisture, it produces ferrous oxide, also known as rust. Other elements such as salt also accelerate the rusting process. Guard against the forces of nature with our Body-Gard® system.


Ontario Volvo Sym-Tech Corrosion Protection from Volvo of Waterloo






Body-Gard® Paint & Upholstery


Paint Protection

The clear coat finish on your vehicle’s paint is an uneven surface that traps dirt, corrosive winter salt, and moisture. Sym-Tech Paint Protection is professionally applied to bond to the vehicle’s paint, creating a smooth finish that cannot be broken by water molecules or harmful pollutants.

Optional Extra Care Coverage:
Surface Rust Warranty available.


Upholstery Protection – Fabric, Leather & Vinyl

The upholstery protection used by Volvo of Waterloo is specially formulated to coat and protect individual fibres, leather and vinyl to guard against permanent staining and colour fading.  Protecting the inside of your new or used Waterloo car keeps the Volvo upholstery looking like the day you bought it for years to come.

Optional Extra Care Coverage:
Rip, Tear & Burn Warranty available.





Protect Your Paint

  • Keeps out harsh Canadian winter road salts and sand.

  • Blocks out the sun’s powerful UV rays.

  • Protects against oxidization, fading and loss of gloss.

  • Locks in the “new car” shine the way waxes can’t.





Guard The Inside Of Your Car

  • Makes upholstery easier to clean.

  • Protects against moisture.

  • Protects against spills and stains.

  • Helps retain the natural texture and appearance of Volvo upholstery.




Appearance-Gard® Vehicle Repair Program


No matter how careful you are, everyday driving damages your vehicle. Unexpected and unavoidable damage such as a dent from a
shopping cart or a stone chip to the windshield all lead to costly repairs.


Appearance-Gard® helps to protect your vehicle, keeping it looking new where it matters the most.




Dent Protection

  • The Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) process removes dents without the use of paint and will not harm the vehicle’s factory finish.

  • Applies to dented metal up to 7.5 cm in length.




Windshield Protection

  • Damages caused by stones or other road hazards to the front windshield are covered and will not increase your insurance rates.

  • Front windshield chips and cracks will be repaired.





Rips, Tears & Burns

  • Exceeding standard upholstery protection, this protection repairs damage of rips, tears or burns to your interior fabric or Volvo leather seats.




Further enhance your Appearance-Gard® Vehicle Repair Protection with Appearance-Gard® PLUS Protection for lost key protection and alloy wheel repair protection.



The Lo-Jack® Car Tracking System


The Lo-Jack® System was designed to deliver the most powerful combination of vehicle tracking and recovery options. The system is a self-powered unit supported by both in-house tracking teams and law enforcement to enable a fast recovery in the event your vehicle is stolen.


Lo-Jack Tracking Sysytem Available in Ontario | Volvo of Waterloo         Benefits:
  • Technology that is recognized and used by law enforcement in North America.
  • World class infrastructure.
  • Unique electronic notification option available.
  • Uses private radio frequency technology.
  • Installed by a certified network of dealers.


Talk to a Waterloo Volvo sales consultant online or in our Ontario dealership to get started.



Body-Gard® Tire / Road Hazard Warranty


Tire-Gard® Road Hazard Warranty guarantees that if a road hazard flattens one or more of your tires, simply return to your selling Dealership and Sym-Tech will reimburse your Dealership for the cost to repair your tires. If the tires cannot be safely repaired new, comparable OEM replacement tires will be installed at no cost to you. Replacement tires are not pro-rated. Mounting, balancing and installation are all covered under the Tire-Gard® Road Hazard Warranty with no deductible.


Your winter tires are also covered under your Tire-Gard® Road Hazard Warranty at no additional cost if they are purchased from your selling Dealership.


To enhance your Tire-Gard® Road Hazard Warranty, all four tires are inflated with Sym-Tech Nitrogen Tire Inflation
Ask a Volvo of Waterloo service expert for more information on the benefits of nitrogen tire inflation and how to prolong the life of your wheels.




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